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We only use trained professional voice talents.This ensures that every detail is pronounced correctly, and that all the subtle nuances of the language are correctly interpreted. Trained professionals provide an important second opinion giving you the confidence that your  language voice track is delivered with proper accent, diction and tone

Voiceover Services

Voice over talent casting • Multilingual voice over recording and production • TV program voice over • Movie trailer voice over • TV commercial voice over • Radio commercial voice over, radio jingle recording • Podcasting voice over • Corporate video voice over • Training video voice over • ADR film voice over • E-learning voice over • Audio book voice over • Voice acting voice over • Film dubbing voice over • Narration and documentary voice over • Animation voice over • Lip sync voice over • Multimedia voice over • Foreign language voice over • IVR voice over • On hold voice over • Video game voice over • Translation and audio localization voice over • Cartoon voice over • ISDN voice over monitoring .

Our Studio Can handle all languages listed here through native talents or ISDN

American English Arabic Armenian British English Bengali Croatian Chinese Danish Dutch Finnish French German Gujarati   Greek Hungarian Hindi Italian Japanese Korean Kannada Russian Serbian Spanish Swedish  Turkish  Tamil Telugu  Neutral English Malayalam Marathi Mandarin Norwegian Portuguese Polish.

Delivery :        

     > FTP - Download your finished audio files directly from our dedicated Anonymous FTP server folder on our site. Link to FTP site from here.     

     > ISDN - Digital real time audio delivery to compatible studios, direct via phone patching.     

     > Email Attachments - same day delivery of compressed audio files for commercial or short- length scripts     

     > Fed Ex overnight - Priority, Standard Ground, or using your preferred provider.    

     >Any Audio Digital Formats.