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Recording solo,groups,bands, instruments, VO’s with a maximum of 16 inputs simultaneously. A clean signal chain from the mentioned condensor mics to the preamps and converters  assures you the best of 96khz 24 bit clarity and backing files for future references.

We handle Composition, arranging and programming  using various softwares of today’s technology. Professional live artists are available with advanced notice.

From sampling to foley sound effects we can fine tune the overall production using a large collection of sound effect series or designing a new sound with kontakt sampler, digital synthesis, NI absynth and more. Live foley sound recordings can be done for audio and video productions.

Perfectly synchronised video & audio using high-end canopus advc convertors and matrox - 4 display LCD monitors provides hazzzle free sync issues. Seperate headphone monitoring controls for artists with flexible views to the display and control room

Musicians, Sound designers, Vocal artists & Singers can send in their sample demos with a contact info to

Projects which require any regional languages and English (US:UK) can be provided. Professional Vo artists (rj’s, Media anchors, language trainers )available with good pronounciation and command over their language. Foreign language artists are available on advanced notice.

A one-off album fee or package deal can be negotiated with the studio to include all Recording, Editing, Production, Mastering & Artwork. Stop looking the clock now and be creative...