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Control Room provides a relatively even listening environments between the client seat and the mix position.Room enough for producer and engineer to work in comfort as well as observers to listen.   

Features an excellent sight lines to the recording areas,acoustics obviously, together with the latest technology for recording and mixing.

Our set up connects up to 40 I/0 & over 100 tracks of playback

The Vocal Recording room is not your typical    tiny cupboard for one person to squeeze into, rather a comfortable space suitable for a variety of applications, especially where isolation from other instruments is desirable.

Ideal for recording a wide range of acoustic and amplified electric instruments,backing vocals and voice-overs. ADR with secondary monitor preview.

Acoustically designed with room traps and carpets

Fully Air Conditioned. Double glazed inside doors. Independent Control and recording rooms. Private Lounge smoke free area. Located at the center of the city.

Our recording studios are comfortable and stylish,offering a friendly yet professional environment for bands,solo artists and musicians of all kinds wanting to record,produce,master and duplicate their music.